Facial Cosmetic Chemistry

Mariana Bianchin

Understand in depth the interaction and action of the products and their benefits.


Facial Cosmetic Chemistry

Mariana Bianchin

Understand in depth the interaction and action of the products and their benefits.

What is facial cosmetic chemistry all about?
Although the use of beautifying products has existed since the origins of civilization, in the current century, advances in the knowledge of the skin and in technology have allowed a diversification of proposals that have turned cosmetology into a recognized science.

What will you learn in this course?

It is essential for today's professional to understand in depth the interaction and action of the products and their benefits, in order to meet the new needs of our customers who are constantly changing and evolving.

What does this course include?

Theoretical Class

Protocol Application

Official Certificate

Student's manual to download in PDF



Course Contents

Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

Consumer Claims and Trends

The backstage of a cosmetic

Natural or synthetic? Controversies, myths and realities.

Types of cosmetics

Cleaning products

Tonic lotions

Exfoliators and renovators

Corrective products

Emulsions and creams

Cosmetic form
Active components

Emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives.

Liposomes, nanosomes and unispheres

Function and mode of action

Performance & Biosafety

Debunking myths

With this course you will...

Have continuous improvement by learning the best techniques, tips and advice.


Who is it intended for?

These courses are aimed at aesthetics or health professionals and those who want to start their career in the world of Aesthetics.


In order to develop this treatment in a professional way, you only need to have professional knowledge of beautician or health and the appropriate professional products for the treatment to be successful.

Advice by Whatsapp

Contact directly with our instructor and receive personalized assistance immediately. You can also contact us through our social networks, lives, phone and/or emails.

Job Opportunities

Start or improve your aesthetics business thanks to the knowledge acquired along with the Official Certificate that enables you to work with this procedure. Be part of our base of Recommended Professionals and receive job offers to grow your business.

This course includes Satisfaction Guarantee

You have 7 days to try the course and if it does not meet your expectations you can cancel it and we will refund your money.

Get certified today and learn more about facial cosmetic chemistry!

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Positive Reviews (4.3k)
Mariana Bianchin
Master Trainer

Mariana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She holds a degree in Biological Sciences from CAECE University, Buenos Aires. Among her research positions, she has a PhD in the study of pollution  indicator plants and their application in the remediation of contaminated water bodies and soils, at the University of Buenos Aires.

As Exports Manager and International Sales of Biocosmetics Exel, she has been involved in development, design and planning of products; trainings in products and biological knowledge, in advising, training and coaching to technicians and professionals in product lines and in the development and set up of projects and commercial strategies suitable for different countries and continents.

She has participated as a lecturer in international congresses of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine fairs in Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, United States, India, England, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Ukraine. She has published numerous papers in scientific journals and books.

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