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This journey began in 1987, in a world without internet and cell phones. Knowledge was exchanged in a personalized way. Since then we have traveled to more than 20 countries providing education, learning and acculturating ourselves. We have grown thanks to sharing those experiences, observing different techniques and adapting them to our needs.

But the world is no longer the same. Communications have changed and so have the needs, therefore, we must be prepared to be able to compete globally. That's why WeMaster was born. A place where we have poured all that experience and knowledge and that is now at your fingertips in any corner of the planet. Where you can access 24 hours a day according to your convenience. A place where you will meet the elite of aesthetics. With masters from each country revealing their secrets to you. A place you won't believe you didn't know.

Let us come into your home and teach you everything we have learned.

Luis Fandiño
CEO & Founder
Behind WeMaster

Behind WEMASTER there is a huge group of people who work hard every day with the goal of making you better.
We are technicians, cameramen, illuminators, editors and teachers working hundreds of hours to achieve the best results.

Our Mission

Share our experiences and knowledge to satisfy your needs to learn and improve.
Feel the pleasure of helping seeing the results and that at the end of the road we can leave a legacy.

Our Values

In the freedom it offers the wisdom.
In the power it grants the education.
In hard work that values ​​and dignifies.
In fighting to live doing what we love.

Our Vision

That you allow us enter your life to share dreams and projects.
that you give us your confidence to help you progress wherever you are…


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WeMaster brings you the best professionals in the world in one place at a very affordable cost. Instructors who are experts in their area and who come from different nationalities explain their techniques and secrets that made them the best.
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The Best professional everyone wants to hire
Spas, exclusive hotels and the best beauty schools look for the most prepared professionals. WeMaster offers a prominent place for all those professionals looking for the best job offers.

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