Body Wax - Upper Body

Cecilia Mascia

In this course we will focus on upper body hair removal. For them we will use the most efficient hair removal technique based on the use of hardwax.


Body Wax - Upper Body

Cecilia Mascia

In this course we will focus on upper body hair removal. For them we will use the most efficient hair removal technique based on the use of hardwax.

What is the Wax Corporal upper part about?

It is the most efficient hair removal technique currently available, in which, with the correct use of HardWax, it is painless and quick to apply.

What will you learn in this course?

We will detail the correct technique for each specific body part. You will learn the correct way to apply and remove the Wax, the ideal temperature of use, the extraction of ingrown hairs, contraindications, skin types to consider, proper residue protocols, home care and the main tips.

What does this course include?

Theoretical Class

Practical Class

Protocol Application

Official Certificate

Student's manual to download in PDF


Course Contents



Ingrown hair

Hyper Pigmentation

Dry and sensitive skin


Hair types


Wax melter


Waxing process

Premium end


With this course you will...

Have continuous improvement by learning the best techniques, tips and advice.

Who is it intended for?

These courses are aimed at aesthetics or health professionals and those who want to start their career in the world of Aesthetics.


In order to develop this treatment in a professional way, you only need to have professional knowledge of beautician or health and the appropriate professional products for the treatment to be successful.

Advice by Whatsapp

Contact directly with our instructor and receive personalized assistance immediately. You can also contact us through our social networks, lives, phone and/or emails.

Job Opportunities

Start or improve your aesthetics business thanks to the knowledge acquired along with the Official Certificate that enables you to work with this procedure. Be part of our base of Recommended Professionals and receive job offers to grow your business.

This course includes Satisfaction Guarantee

You have 7 days to try the course and if it does not meet your expectations you can cancel it and we will refund your money.

Get certified today and start performing Upper Body Waxing!

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Positive Reviews (4.3k)
Cecilia Mascia
Master Trainer

Cecilia was born in Argentina and with more than 20 years of experience as an educator, Cecilia has become a Waxing Master Trainer. For 2 decades she has conducted trainings in different cities in the USA, both personalized and online. She has participated and shown her technique in countless shows and educational events.

She trains in more than 15 Aesthetic schools in Miami and gives more than 50 courses a year showing her technique. Parallel to her career as an educator, she owns a distributor of aesthetic products for professional sales.

She has studied Skin Care Program at the Beauty Academy of South Florida, Miami-Fl. and Microblading and Micropigmentation Techniques at Macros Argentina Micropigmentation Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has received training at the Exel Institute of Miami-Fl. for BodyTreatments.

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